“All one’s experience of life subconsciously informs every creative decision one makes.”

— Janusz Kaminski

Explore. Continuously Learn.

Then apply those experiences to one’s calling.


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Based in Metro Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, I’m a collaborative, trusted, humorous and creatively passionate left- / right-brain Marketing Communications Professional with honours education and extensive B2B/C experience.

Types of Expertise
Various Marketing Communications expertise can provide your business / organization with numerous hats and labour cost savings per outlined as follows—
Branding | Research | Strategy | Writing & Editing | Graphic Design | Print | Photography
Content Marketing | Social Media | SEO | Email Marketing | Event & Tradeshow Management
Budgeting | Proposal Content | Staff & Contractors Management | Project Management

Work Samples
Managed and executed local, national and international Marketing Communications projects, from branding research and strategies, to events marketing, social media, big-budget proposals, photo shoots and to corporate events, plus others. Visit online portfolio.

Freelance Photography
Also, I’m a photographer, where you can see my portfolio, or read about photography blog by clicking photography link on main menu above.

Contact Information
Would you like to causally conceptualize and bounce off ideas?
Visit my contact page and let’s brainstorm.

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Acquired through referrals and cold calls, my photography clients include families, couples, fashion / lifestyle models, fashion designers (Skye Davies, Katherine Soucie, Sans Soucie; and Shelley Klassen, Blushing Boutique), musical bands, Rasoee Modern Indian, On The Ball Soccer, Vancouver Alternative Fashion Week(end), edible Vancouver, and Grace Choi Events.

Photography highlights include published in various edible Vancouver issues, Belle Armoire (click link to see cover and some interior photography), StandUp Journal and Freshly Worn; inclusion Vancouver Photo Workshops‘ Fashion Exhibit, 2012; and 3-night-event, look-book photography Vancouver Alternative Fashion Week(end), 2012.

For sample portfolio, visit CogitoErgoShoot.com (“I Think, Therefore, I Shoot.”).



Cooking has become a passion for me, from researching recipes, shopping for the ingredients, to preparing it. I’ve cooked a variety of goodies from scratch, including Indian, Spanish Tapas, Thai, Mexican, West Coast, and others—where the inspiration have come from food shows and award-winning cookbooks by notable chefs. I don’t have formal culinary training, but I continue to learn from those mediums plus people I know and come across, which, like knowing other crafts, is a journey in itself. Some of my Instagram posts shows photos of my cooking. Stay tuned for more postings.



moiMy name is Mel Buenaventura, and I’m a Metro Vancouverite, British Columbian, Canadian, who’s a professional marketer by day, and (on some weekends) a freelance photographer; plus, I’m a pop-culture collector, audiophile, writer, fashionista, foodie, cinephile, sailor, paddle boarder, soccer coach, FIFA PS4 online gamer, shopper, husband, father…

American Marketing Association professional member since 2003.
local chapter: British Columbia AMA

photography: CogitoErgoShoot.com (I think; therefore, I shoot.)